Privacy policy

1. Introduction

This Privacy policy defines the data that Backscreen collects when you use our platform and services and how we use the information. The Privacy Policy is part of the Terms & conditions

You accept this Privacy policy by signing up for the account, purchasing Backscreen Webplay services, logging into the Backscreen Admin portal, using Backscreen Webplay integration services like API, using embeddable players and media content from the Service, or using the Service in any other way.

When we update the Privacy policy by posting it on our website you accept it by continuing to use the Service.

2. Data We Collect About You

When you use our platform or services, we or in some cases our partner services collect the information about you.

To create an account, you must provide your name, e-mail address and your represented company details. To make a purchase you must provide avalid credit or debit card information. Your payment information is collected by authorized payment processors. We do not collect and store credit or debit card number.

Under your account the platform may display information about you and your activities in the platform. Platform users with administrator roles may see information about other users under the same company account. This information is not visible to third parties.

To use the platform features you may upload your audio, video, texts, images, or other content to the Backscreen Webplay platform. Your content is not made available to others without your consent, e.g., you publish videos on your website or app, share the content links or make them available to others in any other way.

You may submit support tickets to our customer support which we use to resolve issues or unclarities you may encounter on our platform. We collect certain data automatically during your visits to our website and usage of our platform, e.g., your IP address, device technical information, the source page or search engine that you used to visit our website.

We also collect certain data when your content viewers open the player embed code provided by our platform, e.g., their IP address, device technical information, content being watched and session characteristics. We use that data to provide you information that measures content performance and audience habits, and to troubleshoot viewer issues and improve our service quality.

We may track yours and your viewer activities by using cookies which is defined in our Cookie policy.

Our partner services may collect your data when you use our services, e.g., payment information you submit during the purchases or data collected automatically necessary for the respective services and defined on their websites.

3. Where We Use Your Data

We may use your data for:

    • Identification and authentication to verify you when you access your account.
    • Operations to provide our services, process purchases, provide customer support, and other activities to ensure your ability to use our service.
    • Communication with you to provide the customer support or informing you about the new platform features.
    • Service improvement to evaluate how you use our services, and how we can improve them. For this we usually process aggregated data, but we may need to check individual data to solve a specific problem that may affect only your account or several and cannot be generalized over many accounts. We may use your data to improve user experience with the services by offering additional (charges may apply) and new features.
    • Exercising of our legal rights to prevent abuse of our service like fraud, spam, or content that violates our Terms.
    • Legal compliance when we are legally required like gathering your data to respond to legal authorities.
    • Protecting your data and content.

4. Sharing Data with third Parties

We share your data with third parties:

    • When you order or consent us to do so via platform features or direct communication, including with other users of your account who have the granted administrative permissions.
    • Technical partners that help us run the platform and provide the service to you, including payment processors and customer relations management platforms, and technology vendors and services.
    • Analytics providers who provide us with information about how our customers are using our services.
    • Legal authorities to comply with any legal obligation.
    • For publications and media partners to provide only general, aggregated information which does not contain private data.

5. Data Retention

We store your data for the time while you have an account. When you close your account, we will delete your data and content after the Grace Period as defined in the Terms and conditions.

For internal accounting, analytics, and security purposes we may keep automatically collected data, service accounting and transactional information, until there is no business or legal reason to keep them. We delete or anonymize all your data after this.

6. Your Control Over Your Data

We provide you with several self-service options to manipulate your data, but you can submit a request to us over forms on the website or feedback form of the platform:

    • You may update the information you provided in your account.
    • You may unsubscribe from commercial e-mails sent by us, but you cannot unsubscribe from e-mail reminders that require you to take any action to keep the account running and fulfill your obligations.
    • You may limit the use of cookies. See our Cookie policy for options.
    • You may retrieve your content.
    • You may delete your content and close your account.

7. Account Privacy

Your account is accessed only by you, but our support personnel may access your account and content solely for customer support related issues to solve the problems you encounter.

You or any other user with administrative rights in your account may create additional users with different permission roles who can access your account and its content. We encourage you to follow at least these guidelines to protect your account and content:

    • You are responsible to set the proper permissions level to prevent harm to your content and data, and unauthorized use of your account.
    • You have to give access to your account only to people who you know and trust.
    • You must create a separate user for each person accessing your account, and users must use unique strong passwords which are not shared with others.
    • You and your users are responsible for confidentiality of the user credentials to access your account, to keep them from unauthorized use.
    • If you suspect that somebody has accessed your account without permission, change the password.

8. Content Privacy

You may set the content protection options to prevent unauthorized access to your content which you may not want or are not legally allowed to display without restrictions. You are responsible for setting these options before publishing of the content on your or 3rd party websites and applications. You are also responsible for access restrictions to your content on those websites or applications:

    • Embed code: You copy embed code URL and post on your website.
    • Playback URLs: You can copy direct HLS or MPEG-DASH stream URLs to post the video in other players.
    • Public links: You can define to have public link to a video, video will be available to anyone who has the unique URL.
    • Preview links: You can define to have preview link to a video, video will be available to anyone who has the unique URL, and you can set an expiration time for that URL.
    • Password protection: You can set a password to protect the video.

Regardless of your video protection settings we reserve the right to inspect the compliance with our Terms of Service.

9. Location of Data

Backscreen Webplay data and content are stored in multiple locations in European Union. We provide the service globally using the global content delivery network for streaming and service portals. The content delivery network does not store any of your personal data, but it can cache your content in different nodes around the globe where your viewers watch it.

10. Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy policy or processing of your personal data, please contact us:

Registration number: 40003052786
Address: Dzirnavu iela 105, Riga, LV-1011

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