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OTT platform with cross-generation TV experience to cover your audience in full. It comes with embedded monetization features which can yield this platform for you for free. Development is driven by roadmap with you in seat.

Live mode

TV experience which originates with live channel. In such context user discovers non-linear content. It caters to older demography. Perfect replacement for IPTV or DVB.

Flix mode

TV experience which originates in flix-like content portal. User journey leads primarily through non-linear content with personalization support. Usability and look’n’feel follows the industry standard.

Wall mode

TV experience which originates in content wall like in Facebook or TikTok. It caters to young audiences. It will be undisclosed by Backscreen on IBC 2024, Hall 5, Booth xxx.


The OTT platform embeds various monetization fields for commercial purposes. They may generate extra revenue to cover the platform cost. They are optional if better business case is required.

Modular e2e

The platform can be delivered as complete e2e SaaS. Also certain modules can be delivered to complement operator’s legacy (like CDN or CRM) or to cater to specific use cases (like specific personalization).

Roadmap driven

The platform is product. It means that development efforts are shared across customer base. Also customers drive the development roadmap. Respective contractual provisions grant it.

Built to scale

Microservices architechture

Microservices-based OTT platform that offers unmatched flexibility and scalability. Easily tailor and scale your OTT solution to meet your business and audience needs..

Easy API integrations

Robust API capabilities allow you to connect and integrate with third-party systems, services, and tools effortlessly.

Cloud agnostic

The platform can be deployed in preferred public cloud like AWS, Google Cloud or Telia Cloud. Also it can be deployed in private cloud of operator with best-of-breed hybrid setup..

Flexible content monetization

Free TV

Free TV allows access to content with no charges. Registration can be mandatory or optional. Perfect for public services.


Transactional VOD allows to watch single videos for limited time. Ideal for premium movies or sport events.


Subscription VOD provides video packages for monthly fee. Fit forpay windows or for content libraries.


Advertisement VOD offers content accompanied by pre and mid roll in-stream ads. Typical for Broadcaster VOD.

Multiscreen and multi-platform


Feature highlights

Skip intro

Viewers can bypass the opening introduction and jump straight to the main content

Content selection

Users have a unique opportunity to assemble their own content

Continue watching

Pick up where you left even when switching platforms


Dont miss the content you love, watch when you want

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