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Products for web creators and TV professionals

Getting the content, building your audience, managing your folks is rough. You deserve the video distribution partner to secure it. And here comes Backscreen!

For WEB creators

Backscreen Webplay

News, education, lifestyle, entertainment portals need video. Backscreen Webplay is the tool to manage and publish video content for any web portal. Upload assets, edit tags and description, embed player code and more. Try first 14 days for free.

For TV Professionals

Backscreen App

Grandma, father, teenager - it takes equal care to save them all. Backscreen App offers cross-generation TV experience to fit different watching patterns. And it can be free-of-charge for you. One video OTT multiscreen platform to cover your whole audience. With industry standard features.

For TV Professionals

Backscreen Media

OTT platform, web portal, FAST channel, broadcast channel - this is how the content is packaged and distributed these days. Backscreen Media is a single Media Asset Manager to cover these forms of distribution. Ingest once, edit once, publish many. Save on your operations and time.

For TV Professionals

Backscreen Stream

Encoder, origin, CDN, DRM, Player - the content satellites for physical delivery. Backscreen Stream is a SaaS to prepare video streams and distribute them globally. It works for VOD, Live and Events. It is managed via API or with an intuitive GUI. It employs best-of-breed software. It scales perfectly.


Our primary strengths are widely recognized by those working with Backscreen

Personal approach

If other companies work as ATMs, we work as a private bank.

Fast idea implementation

Even the most crazy ideas are implemented in a no time.

Flexibility of operation

Our most frequent compliment revolves around our operational adaptability.

Pricing transparency

You can be assured that you will pay what you expect and nothing more.

You have made it by yourself so far and Backscreen can help you to make it further


Less efforts to manage your content


Coverage of your audiences


Decrease in TCO at least

Glimpse into our success stories

Educational VOD and TV channel in two weeks

Ministry of Education and Science, Latvia

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Backscreen and NPAW bring next-gen video analytics to online video providers in the Baltics

FashionTV, Latvian Television, Npaw

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Backscreen cloud transcoding service streamlines the transcoding workflow for the largest VOD service in Nordics

Telia Play

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Global OTT service for live and VOD helps Latvian Television to exceed content availability and quality targets

Latvian Television

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AVOD platform booms with the help of Backscreen webplay

Helio Media

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We are the part of the industry


THEOplayer is part of Backscreen App and Backscreen Webplay. It supports zoo of devices with low latency, smooth ad transitions and extensive feature set.


NPAW Suite is integrated with Backscreen App. It provides in-depth information about usage for informed decisions about UX, content and technology.


BuyDRM provides security for Backscreen Stream. It covers Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay, supporting CMAF, HLS, DASH and Smooth Streaming. It works globally.


Edgio CDN powers Backscreen Stream SaaS. It provides best-in-class video delivery globally. It can work in Multi-CDN scenarios.

Scale your business now!

Reach out now for Backscreen to support your quest. Because You Made It!

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