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Backscreen launches with its original cross-gen OTT UX

Backscreen has launched on Wednesday 24th April as the new OTT vendor. The 50 people strong organization focuses on OTT service platform with applications, assisted by video processing services. It brings to the market the original and revolutionary cross-gen UX within OTT applications which tailors to different ways video is consumed by older people, mid agers and youngsters. It comes with game changing business model to facilitate service adoption. Backscreen aims to help operators and broadcasters keep their audiences.

The cross-gen UX combines in single OTT application three different ways the video content is consumed. The x-flix portal experience – which has become commodity UX for OTT – does not cater to large fractions of audiences. This is why Backscreen App provides Live-centric TV UX which gradually immerses consumer into non-linear video assets in the context of live TV. It conforms to traditional video habits. Also for young generation Backscreen App provides content wall experience in relation to Instagram or TikTok.

Another parts of the Backscreen portfolio are Backscreen Media – universal media asset manager to manage video content and publish on different platforms, and Backscreen Stream – video processing services from encoding to CDN delivery based on the global network of Edgio. Backscreen also addresses web portals with Webplay – the tool for video asset management, publishing and player.

Backscreen is a carve-out organization from Tet, the leading telecommunication company in the Baltics, co-owned by Telia. It has aggregated video technology resources of Tet and complemented it with top industry competences from the Baltics, Poland and Czechia. It operates in EMEA serving more than 50 customers with Tet, Latvian and Lithuanian pubcasters, Telia Sweden, Fashion TV and Delfi group among others. “We are team of industry professionals headed by 20+ years of industry experience. We are 50 people strong. We employ talents. We are agile. Our technology based on microservice architecture and best-of-breed partners assures quality and scalability.” says Norberts Ositis, Backscreen CEO. “Operators and broadcasters have made such efforts arranging for the content. There is no reason why these efforts should be compromised by OTT apps with inappropriate UX. This is why Backscreen App offers UX which can satisfy the generationally fragmented audience.” says Jan Frelek, Backscreen CCO.

Backscreen marks the next step in the Tet’s engagement in TV services which dates back to 2011 when the first gen Internet TV was launched. In 2016 Tet came up with Shortcut as one of the globally first operator service based on OTT. In 2020 Tet TV+ was launched featuring wallet based business model. “Over-the-top (OTT) platforms are set to become the primary method for content delivery, eventually replacing traditional TV technologies” says Krists Avots, Tet Director of Corporate Development and Backscreen Founder.

Backscreen will showcase the original cross-gen OTT UX on the NEM conference in Dubrovnik on June 10-13.

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